Are You Frustrated Tenants Who Can’t Find a Property? These 9 Hot Tips will Help Smooth the Process

Sick of nobody calling you back, no details on the internet, finding the property is already gone or talking to someone who has not even seen the property? I hear you. As if finding and moving house is not enough – nobody seems to want to help?

So How Can We Avoid Some of These Frustrations , What Can We Do?

  1. Get clear on exactly what you are looking for.  Have a list of NOT negotiable items and a list of ideally it would have …….. and be located………. Price range ………. and timeframe.  Lease term etc
  2. Prepare your application.  Most application forms are similar in their requirements.  100 points ID, employment confirmation, previous rental history, etc.  Check out our 9 Tips to getting your application approved and faster.  The key is to be ready to act fast, ideally give your fully completed application at the inspection.
  3. Prepare standard emails.  A list of your requirements including not negotiable items, price range and suburbs along with preferable moving in date, term of lease.  Always attach a reference from previous agent/landlord or a copy of your previous ledger (if they are good!).  Email to all Property Managers with properties in your preferred area and resend every 7-10 days.  Whenever you request an inspection also attach ledger and 3 or 4 lines indicating why you will be a good tenant.
  4. Set your real estate alerts on and  Sometimes properties upload to one site faster than another.  We have seen up to 4 hours difference in uploading time.
  5. If possible check the main websites and 2/3 times/day remember the early bird catches the worm.
  6. Call at your first opportunity to try and arrange inspections on suitable properties.  Try always to mention why you are good tenants and believe this to be a suitable property.  (They are more likely to let you in if they don’t think you will be wasting their time).
  7. You need to nicely push to see suitable properties as quickly as possible, the faster you do this the less likely you will end up in a multiple application situation and have the frustration of missing out.
  8. If you need approval for pets or want air-conditioning added etc., ask first before you waste your time viewing the property. If you want something extra like air-conditioning you may need to offer a little more rent, find out if the owners would consider this.
  9. Stay calm/nice – yes, you may have emailed or called 3 times with no response but remember they are looking at whether or not they would like to rent a property to you and they will not want a tenant they think is demanding or difficult. (Frustrating as this may be!).

I have experienced all of the above frustrations first hand when we sold and had to find a rental quickly.  It was certainly a shock to the system.  We had a great application (I know as this is what we do) but alas the process was still not easy!

I hope these suggestions are helpful and would hope as a prospective tenant for our agency you would always be treated with respect and promptness. If you have something else that has worked well for you please let us know, we would love to share it with others out there searching.

All the best with your search.  Be sure to email us your exact requirements to and we promise to email matching properties within 24 hours of them being listed.


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