Tenants and Landlords – Who Has to Do What in the Wake of Natural Disaster

With a predicted increase in cyclones and severe storms this season, tenants and landlord should be aware of their rights and responsibilities in the event of a natural disaster. If damage is severe, and the property is unlivable, a tenancy can be ended. However, the agreement needs to be legally ended by one party and agreed to by the other. Damage to the property must have been caused by the natural disaster and not due to the actions of the tenant, landlord or property manager.

In cases where part of the premises has been damaged or destroyed, a rent reduction may be negotiated.  Any reduction in rent must be negotiated by the tenant and the landlord or property manager.

Tenants are obligated to report any damage to the house to their landlords as soon as possible. It’s important that the tenant and landlord talk with each other, either directly or through a property manager, about any repairs that are needed.

More information on tenancies and natural disasters is available at http://www.rta.qld.gov.au/natural_disaster_victims_fs.cfm.

Source RTA

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