How to Deal with Noisy Neighbours

It is not unusual for property managers to receive calls about noisy tenants, especially during the Christmas season. Laws relating to noise and disorderly behaviour apply to the whole community, whether the person is a home owner or tenant. Although the police generally deal with these issues, tenants have an obligation under their tenancy agreements not to interfere with their neighbours’ quiet enjoyment of their property. Police may order tenants to reduce the noise or temporarily confiscate equipment such as radios and amplifiers. If police orders are ignored, and there is continued excessive noise, fines of up to $1000 may be imposed. If a tenant has caused excessive noise, they can also be issued a Notice to Remedy Breach by the landlord.

The landlord can apply to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal to have a tenancy ended after a third breach for the same reason in 12 months. Tenants may also have to follow specific rules regarding noise, such as no loud music after 9pm in rooming accommodation or rental housing where there is a body corporate.

Source RTA

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