Finally You Can Figure Out What’s the Fair Median Rent!

median rentFinding the median rent for residential rental properties in Queensland cities, towns and suburbs is easy with the RTA’s new rent finder.

The RTA’s General Manager Fergus Smith said visitors to the website will no longer have to search through tables to find median rents in a particular area.

“Anyone can find median rent data by simply entering a postcode, relevant quarter such as March 2011, and dwelling type,” he said.

“The tool is great for people thinking of moving or who may own rental properties in Queensland,” Mr Smith said.

The spreadsheets which contain median rent information for local government areas are still available for people who want more in-depth information.

The data is based on an analysis of new rental bonds lodged each quarter and is updated each March, June, September and December quarter.

Median rents are calculated for 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats or units; 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses; and 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses.

Search for median rent data.

Source:  RTA April – May 2012 Newsletter

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