Giving Back the Bond During a Dispute… Who’s Responsible?

bondAt the end of a tenancy most people talk with one another and reach agreement about how the bond will be refunded.

However, in cases where there is a dispute about the bond, it is common for the disagreement to involve only some of the total bond money.

In these cases, the RTA suggests any undisputed money should be released as soon as the tenancy has ended.

RTA Rental Bond Services Executive Manager Kylie Lewis said that it makes sense for any undisputed funds to be released promptly.

“If there are amounts which are undisputed, we encourage people to send us a Refund of rental bond (Form 4) releasing these amounts as soon as possible after the tenancy ends,” Ms Lewis said.

“The dispute may involve only $200 of a $2,400 bond. Releasing the undisputed $2,200 avoids unnecessary hardship for the tenant,” Ms Lewis said.

She said the undisputed amounts can then be distributed as appropriate, without having to wait until the dispute process is finalised.

Source:  RTA April – May 2012 Newsletter

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