Have You Selected Your Property Manager Wisely?

property managerSo, you have bought your investment property and are looking to secure quality tenants. How do you choose your property manager and what do you look for?

Peace of mind plays a big part in property investment. The right property manager can save investors a whole host of headaches and sleepless nights, so choosing the right one is vital.

Tips on what to ask a potential property manager include:

  • How many properties do you manage and how large is your management team? An effective property management department should operate on around 100 properties per manager.
  • Will you be the actual property manager looking after my investment?
  • How much experience do you have in this industry?

A good property manager will offer the following:

  1. An annual rent review
  2. Timely processing of rent increases
  3. Regular routine inspections
  4. Minimise vacancy by planning re-letting.

We would love to assist you with your property. Please contact us on: 3510 5222.

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