Ripple Effect: Pool Safety Compliance Flow Charts… !

pool safetyBuilding Codes Queensland has developed three flowcharts which can be used as a guide for compliance with pool safety laws in the following scenarios:

  • Sale of a property
  • Pool safety inspection – illustrates the rules that pool safety inspectors are required to follow when engaged to perform pool safety inspection
  • Accommodation agreements for properties associated with a shared pool

 A phase-in period applied to the sale and lease of properties with shared pools associated with long-term accommodation. If these properties were sold or leased between 1 December 2010 and 2 September 2012 a pool safety certificate must be obtained prior to 1 December 2012.  As of 2 September 2012, a sale or lease triggers the usual 90 day period.

To view the flowcharts visit


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  1. Ella Rich April 25, 2013 at 5:08 pm #

    Thanks for come up with great information. This will be beneficial for us. Pool safety is required when selling, buying or leasing property with pool.

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