What Are the Most Important Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Rental?

rentalChoosing a home to rent can be a very personal decision and trying to decide if a rental property is suitable for you at an open for inspection can be difficult. Especially when you consider how little time you actually have to look at it and when a number of other people are viewing it at the same time.

To help you get the most out of the limited time you have to inspect a rental we’ve listed a few practical areas of a house to consider before signing a rental agreement and hopefully help you to avoid overlooking something as necessary as “will my fridge fit in the kitchen”, in the rush of an open house!



Have a look for deadlocks, window locks and other security features. The level of security can make a huge impact on your insurance. Check before going to the inspection with your insurance company for what security features would make a positive or negative impact on your insurance policy.


Where can I store…

Storage can be expensive to buy if you don’t have enough of it, and especially so when you move house later on to a place where you no longer need it. Think about where you’ll store your bicycle, or snowboard when not in use, and even your book collection. Is there enough internal and external storage for all your important items? Also have a think about if there is enough pantry space, where all your linen will go and if there somewhere you can put all your cleaning items, including the broom!



Some rental properties are likely to be rented just the way they are when you view them. If there is junk in a garden shed, or the garden needs weeding ask the agent if it will be taken care of before moving in.


The hot and cold of it

Check the types of heating and cooling available. See what rooms it is available in and if it works. If it doesn’t work, ask the agent if and when it will be fixed.



Step out or measure rooms with a tape measure to ensure that not only will your prized designer dining table or antique bed fit in the room, but that you’ll actually be able to get it through the door.


Sparky and techy features

The location of the television antennae, powerpoints, telephone and Foxtel outlets can make a difference to the way you layout your furniture and electronics, such as computers and TV’s. Make sure that you’re happy with the locations.


Will your white goods fit?

Check that there is space in the kitchen for your fridge, dishwasher and other appliances that you like to have out on the bench. See if your washing machine and dryer will fit in the laundry, or if they come with the property. If you like to drip dry your clothes and other items in the laundry, see if there is space to do so.


Green thumb or not?

Have a look around outside in the garden and check what kind of maintenance is required. Ask whether it is expected that you maintain the garden or if there is a gardener that comes around. If so, check what their duties are. If you happen to have a green thumb and want to set up a veggie garden, ask if it would okay to do so.


Are you a Gas or Electricity kind of person?

This really is a personal choice; some people prefer gas cooking while others might like electric hot water. Whichever is your preference, check what’s available and that you’re happy with it.


Other things to consider

  • Does the property have roller doors or shutters, check to if they are electric or if you manually have to open and close them.
  • If there is car parking with the property check how many spaces it contains. Have a look at the local parking signage, as you may require parking permits.
  • If in doubt about anything, ask the agent so as to avoid making assumptions which may lead to a headache latter on.


Happy house hunting!


Source : www.realestate.com.au (12 July 2012)


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